Quick Wins & Fast Results

Unlock Rapid Business Growth with the 60-Day Sprint Programme

Transform your business in just 60 days with our structured and immersive coaching programme, specifically designed to supercharge your performance in three critical areas: SOCIALS, SALES, and SYSTEMS.

This exclusive sprint is tailored to provide you with the strategic focus needed to not only meet but exceed your business goals.

Here's What the 60-Day Sprint Includes:

  • 1-HOUR KICK-OFF STRATEGY CALL: Start strong with a one-on-one session with Gary Das, Lifestyle Entrepreneur. Set your goals and outline your action plan.

  • 2-HOUR ONBOARDING SESSION: Get onboarded seamlessly by Camilla, Head of Client Services, setting the stage for a successful sprint.

  • 2x 90 MINUTES SOCIAL MEDIA SESSION: Spend time with Kiefer crafting a personalised social media strategy to enhance your brand presence and authority.

  • 2x 90 MINUTES SALES SESSION: An intensive with Gary Das focusing on refining your sales processes and customer journey to maximise lead conversion and value.

  • 2x 120 MINUTES SYSTEMS SESSION: Gary Das, will guide you through a sessions on optimising your systems and implementing automation for efficiency and effectiveness.

  • 3x 1:1 POWER CALLS: Three 20-minute power call sessions to ensure personalised attention and strategy refinement.

  • 2x CONTENT CLUB SESSIONS: In these sessions we review and enhance your content so that it engages and converts.

  • ACTIVE CRM FREE ACCESS: During the 60-Day sprint you gain complimentary access to Active CRM software which runs our entire business. (Saving up to £1,350).

  • PRIVATE WHATSAPP COMMUNITY: Consistent communication, community advice and ongoing team support we maximise your socials, sales and systems during the 60 days.

Each Session is Designed to Propel You Toward Success:


Elevate your social media game. This session equips you with the tools to build your brand, become an authority, and create captivating content that resonates with your target audience. Learn filming and editing techniques that make your content stand out.


Revolutionise your sales approach. Dive deep into your sales process to identify and overcome bottlenecks, implement effective pricing strategies, and enhance your lead generation tactics. Develop a robust product staircase and map out a customer journey that maximises lifetime value.


Transform your business operations. Focus on automation and streamlining processes to maximise efficiency. Learn how to use advanced tools for communication and lead management, ensuring every inquiry is nurtured to its full potential.

Scheduled for Success:

Don't just run your business—sprint ahead of the competition with our 60-Day Sprint programme.

Let Gary Das and the Active Success team guide you through a transformative journey that promises quick wins and lasting results in Socials, Sales, and Systems.

  • Onboarding Session With Camilla, Head Of Client Success: 1st Thursday of The Month

  • Social Media Session, With Kiefer, Head Of Content: 2nd Tuesday of The Month

  • Sales Session, With Gary, Life Entrepreneur: 3rd Thursday of The Month

  • Systems Session, With Gary, Life Entrepreneur: 4th Tuesday of The Month

  • Content Club, With Kiefer, Head Of Content: 3rd Thursday of The Month

  • 1:1 Power Calls: Booked In Week 3, Week 6 & Week 8.

Fast-track Your Success

Spaces in the 60-Day Sprint are limited to ensure personalised attention and maximum benefit. Reserve your place today and take the first step towards transforming your business.

Join the 60-Day Sprint today and transform your business with rapid, tangible results.

  • Strategic one-on-one kick-off and ongoing sessions with Gary Das.

  • Specialised training on social media, sales, and system optimisation.

  • Direct access to industry experts and our exclusive Content Club.

  • Continuous personal and professional growth within a proactive community.

  • Free Access to Active CRM during the 60 Days.

Investment in Your Business's Future

Join the 60-Day Sprint and Propel Your Business to New Heights

1. One-Time Payment: Make a single investment of £2,200 and focus entirely on your business growth without the hassle of monthly payments.

2. Flexible Payment Plan: opt for 3 monthly payments of £800, designed to ease your cash flow and spread the investment over the course of the programme.

(Prices Include VAT)

Both options provide full access to the comprehensive 60-Day Sprint programme, including personalised coaching with Gary Das, the Active Success Team, and exclusive industry insights.

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